October 31, 2009

Detect Broken or Error Codec with K Lite Codec Tweak Tool

If you are using K Lite Mega Codec Pack, you’ll find additional tool named Codec Tweak Tool ( you can access it, from Start-All Program-K Lite Codec Pack-Tools-Codec Tweak Tool). It has a function to detect and repair or if those codecs can’t be repaired, removes them  from our computer. And it can make a log or list about all codecs and filters that are installed in your computer.

To do this, first run Codec Tweak Tool. Then select the tasks that you would like to perform. Here several tasks that Codec Tweak Tool could do :

-Detect broken codecs and filters. Other fixes.
-Generate a list of all installed codecs and DirectShow filters
-Reset setting of all codecs and filters
-Audio configuration
-Various Tweaks
-Backup or restore settings
-Manage the installed DirectShow filters
-Manage the installed ACM/VFW codecs
-Manage the installed DirectX Media Objects
-Manage preferred source filters

After check several tasks that you would like to perform, just click Next option until the process finish.

4 komentar:

Neo said...

I'm using Realtek driver as my sound driver.The problem is that my audio is not working.
I don't know the problem...wether hardware problem or else.
I will use your codec to see if it works.


Ranu said...

it could be because the audio driver in your computer broken, try to uninstall the driver than re-install again. I am using realtek too, and I been through the same problem with you...or the another possibility is because the speaker's cable not connect well, try to re-connect the cable...thanks for your comment

Neo said...

I tried them both but still not working...
Is the slot of the audio where
I insert my plug is damaged...Else the rest of the computer is working fine.

Thanks for replying
I'm adding you as my blogger friend.
I will contact you with my personal blog.

Ranu said...

You are welcome, Neo. I'll waiting for your contact. if it has something to do with the hardware, I can't help you. The best thing you can do is bring your computer to computer service.

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