November 9, 2009

Norton Antivirus 2010, 99 % Protect Our Computers

This product can detects about 459,872 samples and result detection score about 99,75 %

Symantec claim their product Norton Anti virus 2010 is the anti virus product which can escalates effectiveness on provides protection toward computer’s security system threat. Symantec also officially announce that Norton has achieved best review from three independent test institutes.
These independent institutes which tested Norton are Dennis Technology Lab,, and From the three reports which released by those independent institutes, stated that Symantec’s technology can protects computers from computer’s security system Quorum threat and sophisticated heuristic.
According official statement from Symantec, Friday (6/11), Dennis Technology Lab stated that Norton Internet Security 2010 got perfect detection score and recorded as the only product with the perfect detection toward threat. Norton also considered can protect the system from brunt or infections. This conclusion came after Dennis Technology Lab tested the effectiveness of ten famous security products on anti-malware comparative test.
Norton Internet Security 2010 testing which did by, noted that this product can detected 459.872 viruses samples and resulted detection score about 99,75 %. In that test, Symantec product tested on a computer which infected by 25 different viruses samples.
"All test included important benchmark but very different on security test. But, all came to same conclusion that Norton is the best deal on it class, " Regional Consumer Product Marketing Manager Symantec Asia Pacific, David Hall add.
"It’s show Norton product’s ability on giving protection to million threats with keeping the lowest false positive level and high level performance from all product that have tested, " he adds. said that Norton Antivirus 2010 got highest "Advanced + " level on protection. This reward gave to product which has the high detection level with lowest false positive level. This breakthrough technology now provided in Norton 360 4.0 beta version on Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton Antivirus 2010.

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Neo said...

I'm using Norton anti virus home edition free version and very happy with it.


carte r4i said...

Norton AntiVirus 2010 treads lightly on your CPU, while bolstering last year's reputation-based detection engine with a new behavioral detection system.

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