Hi, welcome to Free Software Catalogue. Free Software Catalogue is a blog that discuss various software, mainly free software. Besides that, we also cover various computer's hardware reviews and portable devices review. You can also read news and articles on this blog.

Here, what you will find on Free Software Catalogue:

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Our blog discuss various software both free, trial and paid software. Although it contains various software with various license, Free Software Catalogue emphasizes on the free software. Besides that, we also emphasizes on honesty in how we mention the software's licenses. Not like the other blogs/website which trap visitors in some ambiguous description about the software which they discuss. We also believe that there are extensive free software out there which have similar quality or even have higher quality than paid software.

Don't miss our best deal posts. Each week, we will inform you about great discount (20-90 % percent of discount) for useful paid software. You can find the best deal software under Best Deal and Discount.

We also provide review for computer's hardware such as monitor, internal hard disk, and even mouse.

Don't miss our best deal post. Each week, we will informs you about great discount (20-90 % discount) of computer's hardware.You can find the best deal software under Best Deal and Discount tag.

We cover various themes as articles on this blog. Differs with tips and trick, article section discuss these themes with wiki style. For example, we discuss "6 Things You Should Know about Internet Explorer 9" and "Have you ever done these 6 mistakes with your email?"

On tips and trick section, you will find how-to article. This section discuss things in more practical ways. For example, we discuss "How to convert Youtube videos into MP3 files with WinFF"

We also provide download links to various free games. Our main focus is to deliver you free games that have similarity with popular paid games. For example, Frets on Fire, the Guitar Hero alternative.

On the future, probably new categories will be added. We hope you will enjoy and experience benefits from this blog.

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