January 18, 2011

Have you ever done these six mistakes with your email?

While you are reading this article, I want you to think again and ask yourself whether or not you have ever done these six mistakes. These mistakes are guarantee steps to overload your inbox with spams. Spam volume globally today maybe has decreased, but the danger level of spams are predicted increasing. However, that's not a reason to make us unguarded and don't do necessary steps to protect ourself. Let's the past stays in the past. Let's move on and try to remember that you should not do these six mistakes:


1. Open unknown email attachments.

Don't be tempted to open attachments from emails which look suspicious. Sometimes those attachments have tempting names to be opened. But, they can be some evil programs that will destroy your computers. So, remember that.

2. Reply Spams

Probably you get annoyed or tired receiving the same spams over and over again. So, you are being tempted to reply the email spams  with your dictionary of dirty words. Or just sent request to them, so they don't send any spam anymore. Don't do that because it likes an open invitation for spammer to send more spams.

3. Fill forms via emails

One of many tricks to steal data which often to be used is asking the potential victims to fill some forms about their personal information. And the forms usually are sent via emails. If you think it carefully, it's something impossible for reputable companies asking your personal information through emails. If you hesitate, just contact the company via their official number phone or email. Don't ever click or copy-paste from any link from those spams.

4. Buy products or services through spams

Although the products and services that are being offered look interesting. It is better to not do any purchasing through those spams. It only strengthens their habit to send more spams since they think it works.

5. Open spams

If an email message look obviously like a spam or it has been marked by Spam Filter as spam. It means that message suppose to be deleted.

6. Forward chain email

There are many virus warnings, security danger warnings and other warnings are sent through email. Those usually are hoaxes or urban legends. So don't bother yourself to forward those messages. That not only wasting your time, but also make you look dump. Don't embarrass yourself, friends. These six mistakes just part of many other mistakes. Just remember these mistakes. So from now, you can prepare yourself from those spams.

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Anonymous said...

This is really a helpful reminder...

Tim said...


I'm glad this article could be a reminder :)

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