January 19, 2011

8 Killer Tips to use Google Chrome efficiently

Besides Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, the most wanted and used browser today is Google Chrome. Not only does it have a minimalist design, but it also a faster browser which provides various extensions.

Although it already fast, some users probably still want to make it faster. So, they can surf the Internet in a better way. In this article, we will learn eight killer tips to use Google Chrome in more efficient ways.

1. The omnibox

Do you know that Google Chrome has a feature called "Omnibox"? Omnibox is a feature that allows you to search directly from Google Chrome's address bar. Whenever you want to search something on the Internet, you don't have to open Google Search or access other search engines. Just type your search query into the address bar. Then, click "Enter."

It will directly show you the search result from Google. Don't like Google? Don't worry; you can change the default search engine from Google into your favorite search engines.

2. Learn Shortcut.

Just like the other browsers, Google Chrome comes with shortcuts. For instance: Ctrl + Shift + B = always show the bookmark bar.

Shift + Esc = to open Chrome's tab manager.
Ctrl + J = to open the download window.
F11 = change the interface into Full Screen.
Ctrl + L = automatically move the cursor to the address bar without have to move your mouse.
Ctrl + T : open new tab.
Ctrl + N : open a new window
Ctrl+ Shift+ T= to manage the bookmark.
Ctrl+ Tab= back to the previous tab.

3. Customize home tab

Similar with Opera, Chrome also has a feature that will show tab of the most visited websites whenever you open the new tab. You can customize the tab just as you want.

4. Multiple Homepages

If you have favorite sites that you visit everyday, Chrome provides a feature to open each of those favorite sites in different tabs whenever you open Chrome. How do we manage it? Open Options-under Basics Tab, check "Open the Following pages"- add the sites that you want to open when you open Chrome. You can also open a new tab without having to wait those favorite sites to be uploaded completely.

5. Easy download

Almost all browsers have facilities to store the downloaded files to particular folders, as with Chrome. To change the default folder location, just open Options- click tab Minor Tweaks-set the new custom download location.

6. Install themes

Chrome interface indeed seems minimalist, but you can change the simple interface by using the available themes. Click Spanner Tools-Personal Options-then click Get Theme. After you find out the theme that you like, click "Apply theme."

7. Create Shortcuts

You can use Chrome shortcuts directly to your computer's desktop for your favorite web applications such as Google Mail, Flickr, Twitter, and etc. How? Just visit your favorite sites-open Page menu-choose Create application shortcuts- you can arrange where you want to put those shortcuts.

8. Explore the program

Do you want to know what the features which are available inside the chrome? It is easy. Type "about" in the address bar (without quote) and then press "Enter". You will see the detail information about pretty much everything inside your Chrome.

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