November 7, 2011

Windows 8 to support hundred processors

In the future, not only processor speed that will be increased, but also the numbers of cores on each processor. That’s why Windows 8 is designed to be able to manage hundred processors at once.

Right now, it is easier for us to get processor with double cores, moreover because of HyperThreading technology from Intel than can ‘double’ core numbers on each processor.

Of course, Microsoft has anticipated this situation. For instance, on Windows 7, this operating system can be used on a system that has 160 physical cores on each processor.

But, unfortunately it is hard to watch activity on each processor’s core when we are using Windows 7. It is because, its status bar is too small, so we can’t easily see each core’s activity.

As quoted from, Ryan Haveson, a leader of User Experience division tried to fix this problem by changing the task manager user interface on Windows 8. Task Manager’s user-interface looks better, as showed on the picture below:

Each core will be presented by small cubic with some info about how many weights it has. While to see it in detail, the user only needs to hover the mouse to the box he wants.

Besides it is safe places, this design also is claimed easier to watch systems both for server users or home users. The problem is, we don’t know when home users can enjoy processors with hundred cores like that.

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