August 1, 2012

Backup your files with JustCloud, cloud online storage

As we already know, there are many free online storage on the Internet. And, since cloud computing was introduced in 2000s, some of those free online storage started to adopt cloud storage as one of their features. I think we are already familiar with iCloud and Dropbox also Google Drive.

Each of cloud online storage has its own superiority over others. For instance, when we use Google Drive, we can easily use another Google's services that are integrated with this online storage. While iCloud offers benefits for Apple devoted users since every file and photo you have on Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad will be automatically stored on iCloud.

From many other free online storage companies out there, we can try JustCloud. When I visited it for the first time, I was interested in its home page and how it explained its service. So, I tried to create account. It took less than two minutes to create an account with your email and preferred password. We can even use our Facebook account.

After that, I was asked to download JustCloud application, which its size is 8 MB. After I installed the app, I was asked which parts of my computer that I wanted to backup. I chose one folder and then, JustCloud automatically uploaded the folder to its storage.

So, it works almost like Google Drive. The difference is on Google Drive, we must put the files or folders to Google Drive's folder. We cannot modify its default setting (at least that what I know). But, with JustCloud, you don't have to have specific folder. It will automatically backup your data that are stored in any folder or partition that you have previously chosen. You can even make schedule for backup process.

Indeed, JustCloud is not a free online storage. We need to pay for extra storage. Actually Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox aren't free as well. If you want to get more storage, you need to purchase their services. You can pay monthly, semi annual, per 1 year or per 2 year. And, the cost starts from $ 4.49 per month for 75 GB plan.

It supports both Windows and Mac OS, so you can use it as alternative for Google Drive and iCloud. It never be wrong for us to have as many backup services as we can get.

July 11, 2012

Giveaway: Video Watermark Pro license key worth $ $34.95

If you often recording videos and upload them on Youtube, there are many possibilities that people will copy your videos. And they can share it without give you proper credit. To prevent this, you can add watermark on every of your video.

It will be easier to add watermark on your video if you use Video Watermark Pro. With this software, you can add:

-Watermark text on your video
-Watermark picture on your video
-Watermark shape on your video

Normally, this software will be sold for $ 34.95. But, you can have the license key for free since it is given on giveaway.

How to get the license key:

To get the license key of Video Watermark Pro in this free giveaway, follow this instruction step-by-step:

1. Download Video Watermark Pro here:

2. Install and activate it with the legal license key here:

Reg name:

License Code: CFBE20FF408EE63BFF503C62F8FFF5D1F2FDFFDE

Note: this license is legal one that is shared on its official giveaway page here.

3. Video Watermark Pro can be activated and ready to be used

Now, you can add watermark on every video you make. You don't have to worry if anyone violate your copyright again. Don't forget to share this free giveaway to your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter. If you miss this free giveaway, subscribe to our newsletter so you won't miss another giveaway and always get updated with the newest giveaway and cool, free software to download.

July 7, 2012

Giveaway: Get Ashampoo Photo Commander license key worth $ 39.99

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 is one of several great tools to manage, display and edit your pictures. This software normally is sold for $ 39.99, but in this rare opportunity you can get the license key directly from Ashampoo for free and legal.

Here, some of its main features:

1. Manage photos

* You can create and put your photos into groups, so you can easily find them.
* You can add tags on your photos, so you can find them easier and faster.
* You can create virtual photo albums, so you can collect many photos in one album.
* You can sort your photos by date, format or anther criteria.

2. Edit photos

* You can optimize your photos automatically by only one click.
* You can reduce red eyes that often to be found on digital photos.
* You can add various effects such as change colors, change photos into paints, etc.
* You can see your photos in dual-view mode to see the difference after and before editing process.

3. Display photos

* You can create photos slideshow easily
* You can make calendar, greeting cards even invitation cards as well.
* You can create HTML album

This photo editing software has various useful features, hasn't it?

How to get the license key

1. Visit the Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 giveaway page here.

2. Click 'Free Download'

3. After the download is done, install it. And when it is done, a new page will be opened. Put your email address in the available form and click "Request full version key"

4. If it happens to be that you have already had the account on Ashampoo, you will have to insert the password. Then, click "login".

5. Your license key will appear, and copy-paste it and use it to activate Ashampoo Photo Commander 9.

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July 2, 2012

Learn to write Japanese letters Kanji, Katanaka and Hiragana with Tagaini Jisho

What is Tagaini Jisho

People say learning Japanese language is difficult since it contains from three writing letters: Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. To remember all of those letters, we need long time, hard work and determination.

The good news is that there is a free software to help you learn those writing letters. It is called Tagaini Jisho. Using this free computer program, you can learn Kanji, Katanaka and Hiragana by using your computer.

Tagaini Jisho is a free open source software that has more than 6,000 Kanji characters. This software can run on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Tagaini Jisho will help you learn Japanese easier.

To use Tagaini Jisho effectively, you should see a search box in the top right side, where you can learn about Kanji letters. This software translates Japanese to English, France and German. When you type English word on the search box, the result page will contain the Japanese word and Kanji words.

This software also can display Katakana and Hiragana, of course by changing its settings a bit. You can also print them as a module that you can bring every where and any where. Or you can export them to HTML and TSV formats.


Software info

License : Free software
Size: 34.5 MB
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux


June 29, 2012

Google will give thousands dollar for Bug finders on Chrome 20

Google will give money as reward for people who can find bugs on browser Chrome 20. The money that will be given by Google now around $ 11,500. Google has given money as much as $ 7, 000 to a web developer with screen name 'miaubiz', who could find seven high level of security bugs on Chrome 20.

Another web developer named Juri Aedla found two bugs with high level of security and got $ 4,000. While Nicholas Gregoire found bug with medium level of security and got $ 500.

"We also want to thank Arthur Gerkis, Atte Kettunen, from OUSPG and miaubiz, who have been collaborating with us to find development cycle and prevent security threats toward Chrome," Google wrote on its official blog post.

Google indeed invites community and web developer to find weaknesses on Chrome for Mac, Linux and Windows. In the last March, Google rewarded $ 60,000 to Sergey Glazunov who found weaknesses on Chrome.

When it receives suggestions about bugs on Chrome, Google soon creates patches and releases fixes to its browser.

Download Google Chrome 20 here (Offline/ Online)

June 27, 2012

Giveaway: PhoneTrans Pro license key worth $ 29.99

Normally, iOS devices owners like iPhone, iPad or iPod have to use iTunes if they want to transfer file from and to computer or another iOS devices. But, PhoneTrans Pro enables you to transfer file, music or even video without iTunes. Not only that, this software can make file transfer process more flexible with various features it has.

This software is sold for $ 29.99 normally, but you can get the license key for free in certain time as giveaway.

Here, some features of PhoneTrans Pro:

-Transfer file and music among iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via Wi-Fi
-Transfer music and file from Apple devices from and to Mac/PC and iTunes library
-Arrange playlist without iTunes

It has many more features. But, I think those features above can give you a picture about the benefits to use PhoneTrans Pro.

How to get the license key:

1. Visit imobie Giveaway page here.

2. You will see the download link as well as the license code from PhoneTrans Pro.

3. Download and activate PhoneTransPro with the license key that you have got.

Now, you can be more flexible when you want to transfer file from and to iOS device. You need to be hurry if you want to grab this giveaway. Don't forget to share this free giveaway to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to stay updated with the latest giveaway, subscribe to our newsletter.

June 26, 2012

Giveaway: Paragon Rescue Kit 11

We never know when our computer will have problems. But, before it will happen, it will be better if we ready and prepare our computer by backing up our computer data and system. It is always better to prevent than to cure, isn't it?

There are many software to rescue our computer from problems. One of them is Paragon Rescue Kit 11. Paragon gives this software as a free giveaway. We don't know how long this giveaway will last or how much this software is sold. What we do know is that this software requires license key and we will show you how to get it.

Paragon Rescue Kit 11 will save your computer from certain problems such as booting failure or system error.

Here, some main features:

-Fix various booting problems with Boot Corrector Features.
-Restore partition that is accidentally deleted.
-Transfer file from hard disk to another storage media even when the computer system can be booted.
- CD Recovery based on Linux

Isn't this software great? With those features above, you can fix your computer when it is troubled. Even if you can fix it, you still can save your important data.

How to get the license key of Paragon Rescue Kit 11

1. Visit Paragon Facebook Fan page here.

2. Click 'Like' button.

3. Download the software from provided link, then fill the needed details in the form and click 'Submit'

4. Check your email inbox, you should have received the license key.

5. Install the software and insert the license key.

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