June 27, 2012

Giveaway: PhoneTrans Pro license key worth $ 29.99

Normally, iOS devices owners like iPhone, iPad or iPod have to use iTunes if they want to transfer file from and to computer or another iOS devices. But, PhoneTrans Pro enables you to transfer file, music or even video without iTunes. Not only that, this software can make file transfer process more flexible with various features it has.

This software is sold for $ 29.99 normally, but you can get the license key for free in certain time as giveaway.

Here, some features of PhoneTrans Pro:

-Transfer file and music among iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via Wi-Fi
-Transfer music and file from Apple devices from and to Mac/PC and iTunes library
-Arrange playlist without iTunes

It has many more features. But, I think those features above can give you a picture about the benefits to use PhoneTrans Pro.

How to get the license key:

1. Visit imobie Giveaway page here.

2. You will see the download link as well as the license code from PhoneTrans Pro.

3. Download and activate PhoneTransPro with the license key that you have got.

Now, you can be more flexible when you want to transfer file from and to iOS device. You need to be hurry if you want to grab this giveaway. Don't forget to share this free giveaway to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to stay updated with the latest giveaway, subscribe to our newsletter.

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