February 15, 2011

What the hell is CodecXi?

I notice that people have been wondering about CodecXi and have been searching for the answer. I have one conclusion: CodecXi is a malware pretends to be a codec. When the first time, this name came up and I tried to find the answer, what I found on the search engine was that the site, Codecxi.com was banned for malicious act. But, then it opened again. I've visited the website once and didn't find any explain on the Internet.

From its name, CodecXi looks like a codec name. But, the question if it really is a codec, what the purpose of the codec? What the video or audio format that are handled by CodecXi? Another question: Is it a malicious codec/program that is trying to bait us? Well, unfortunately, I don't really know.

McAfee Site Advisory detected CodecXi website as a dangerous website.

CodecXi Alternative

You know what? I suggest that you should consider other things rather than to find an answer about something that isn't clear. So, instead of install the codec that we don't really know about its safety, I think you should try other codec packages. I have been trying several codec packages such as K-Lite Codec Pack and XP Codec Pack. And these programs not only free software, but they are also powerful packages. Take K-Lite Codec Pack as an example. When you install this program on your computer, you have almost all codecs that you need to play popular video and audio formats.
 K-Lite Codec Pack Mega
 XP Codec Pack


Recently,  I have several people who complained that they have been asked to download and install codecxi if they wanted to play  several videos or  audios  files. I don't know what kind of files that require codecxi, but what I do know that it's typical way that people use to bait us to download malicious software. If you have been asked  to do the same thing, I recommend you to ignore the message and delete the files. Especially if you are still being asked to download and install codecxi after you have  installed trusted codec pack such as K-Lite Codec Pack (see the previous subhead).

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