January 7, 2011

Download Acoustica CD Label

Acoustica CD Label is a software that very easy to be used to create CD/DVD labels. With this software, you can creatively create background, front cover, inside cover, back cover, and track-list layout. It's because, Acoustica CD Label has extensive CD/DVD label templates.

In this software, available label wizard feature. Its function is to create whole CD/DVD labels. So if you experience any difficulty with Acoustica CD Label, you can directly create CD/DVD labels using the wizard menu.

For the background problem, you can also use your own image background that you have created or using the background templates, which were provided by this software. You can also write your own track-list, or import it from the play-list file. Besides that, there are several label templates that can be used to adjust with your own creation. You can also decide which part that you want to print.



License: Paid Software/Trial
Size : 10.1 MB
System Requirements:
  • PentiumII-400
  • Win95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP/Vista/Windows7
  • 64 MB Ram
  • Printer


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