May 25, 2012

Experience different OS on your Windows 7 with these free themes

There are various operating system out there both for our personal computer (PC), mobile device and tablet PC like OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, X-box, Tango and many more.

Some people have the luxury to try all or some of those OS and of course have the ability to buy the gadgets that come with those OS. But, most of people don't have the ability to have or even to try different OS and gadgets.

If you have a Windows 7 on your computer and you're really curious about those OS, you can try the feel to use different OS by installing free themes below.

1. Windows 8 Theme

Windows 8 as the Microsoft's newest OS is made for both tablet PC and desktop PC. Some news mentioned if we don't have to upgrade our computer hardware. So, if you already have Windows 7 you can just upgrade it to Windows 8. However, if you still doubt about upgrading your OS try this theme and feel Windows 8 user-interface on your computer.

Download Windows 8 Theme here.

2. OS X Mountain Lion Theme

OS X Mountain Lion is the Apple's newest OS. We all know that Apple's OS X is a robust OS with fewer security threats than Windows. But, not all people can afford for a Mac computer. If you have been wondering how it feels to have a Mac computer, you can try OS X Mountain Lion theme.

Download OS X Mountain Lion theme here.

3. Android Ice Cream Sandwich theme

Maybe you use iPhone or another smartphone, but you are curious how it feels to have an android phone. Well, if you can have an Android phone anytime soon, you still can try the interface of Ice Cream Sandwich on your Windows 7.

Download Android Ice Cream Sandwich theme here.

4. X-Box theme

Who doesn't know about this popular Windows' console game? If you are one of X-box maniac and never can't get enough of it, now is your chance to bring it to your Windows 7.

Download X-Box theme here.

5. Tango theme

Windows also tries to adopt Windows 8 style to its smartphone. This Tango is one of adoptions of Windows 8 Style to Windows Phone 7. It has a combination between dark and light colors. Now you can try it on your Windows 7.

Download Tango theme here.

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