January 9, 2011

ASRock X58 Extreme6

High performance, Rich with Features

ASRock has been known as the middle class main board producer. The manufacture released again its newest product. It supports newest technology today, ASRock X58 Extreme6.

This main board was designed for the fastest technology today that are 6-cores processor, USB 3.0 technology and SATA 3. At this time, ASRock provides 6  USB 3.0 ports (4 ports on back panel and 2 ports on header port). To ease header USB 3.0 usage, ASRock provides bracket that can be placed in front panel chasing or back panel.
Meanwhile, for SATA 3 slot, ASRock provides 6  SATA 3 slots that stand beside with 6  SATA 2 slots, so the total are 12  SATA slots.
This main board supports 3-way SLI and 3-way CrossFirex on expansion slot. For that, ASRock provides 3  PCIe slots which the replacement can be considered good with the distance of two slots. This design make the users can use more than one graphic card freely.
As chipset cooler solution, ASRock trusts fan less cooler solution, with heat pipe between chipset and mosfet. Although it is fan less cooler, the temperatures that are produced by it still can be tolerated.
Besides, the abundance features, ASRock X58 Extreme6 also pretty high. So, if you need a main board reaches with features and an optimal performance, ASRock X58 Extreme6 is a right choice.

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