May 2, 2012

Giveaway: Get Password Depot 4 Softwareload edition

If you are an active user of the Internet like me, both of us might have the same problem: remembering password. Let's count how many account we have on various web services such as email services, social networking sites, video sites, online banking and so on. For some people, it's a challenging task to remember all username and passwords they have. And it's more difficult to rotate them in order to protect our accounts from hackers.

The good news, Softwareload shares license key for Password Depot as giveaway for us. The software is sold for £29.00. We can get this software now for free. This software's main feature is to help us manage our passwords, so we don't have to remember them. It will help you create random and secure passwords, keep them all on virtual, safe place and protect them for you.

You can just log in every website that you have account in it automatically while Password Depot protects you. It has anti-spyware feature that prevents Spyware and Keylogger peek on your user name and password.

And it even gives you its portable version on your flash drive, so you can have all your password on the go. The portable version will be stored on the password protected folder, so it's only you who can have access to the folder.

Software Information:

License key: Paid Software ( £29.00)
Size: 5. 18 MB
OS: Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32-Bit), 7


  1. User-friendly interface for comfortable password management for e.g. Internet, online banking, shopping portals etc
  2. Maximum protection of sensitive data thanks to Rijndael 256-Bit algorithm encryption
  3. Create virtually uncrackable passwords using the Password Generator
  4. AutoComplete function for automatic entry of passwords in respective website fields
  5. Network capable – for cooperative use of workspace and local network
  6. Optional storage of password data on an FTP server for mobile password use
  7. Password Import/Export from/to Password Managers
  8. Synchronisation of password data: Fast allocation in two files
  9. Password quality check
  10. Password History: Older versions of passwords are stored
  11. Encrypt external data using Password Depot to protect 3rd party data access
  12. Encrypt external data using Password Depot to protect 3rd party data access
  13. Complete deletion of external files to prevent "leaving tracks” on PC(s) used

How to grab the license key:

Just visit Softwareload here and you'll get the license key and also the download link.

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