February 22, 2010

Back Up The SMS

Although there is unlimited memory space, the fact is the mobile phone ability to store the SMS not always maximal. Sometimes, the SMS which should be enough to saved but cannot because there is no enough space. Automatically, you should erase the other messages. Well... how if the text messages are something important for you ? The best solution is with back up those text messages.
There are many ways to do it. From sent those SMS via email or keep those on memory card. So, how to make those SMS readable to another devices such as PC ? The answer is that we should to convert the SMS into another formats. Generally, the text message formats restricted to .txt or HTML files only. In several applications, there are .doc format and the newest is .pdf. For instance, Nokia Symbian S60 5th edition has this format. But, the pdf format not maximal yet.
One of SMS back up converter application is X-SMS v2.0. This application is produced by A.Siraj Hassan Mohideen and dedicated to Symbian Freaks. Originally, X-SMS v2.0 is the newest development from typical application such as DyMZ, which provided to Symbian S60 version. The newest features in the application are the ability to convert SMS into .doc and .pdf, and the restoration process into the mobile phone easier.
Curious ? Here the step by step :
1. Download the X-SMS v2.0 application from http://www.sirajsoft.com
Because this software related with python program and script shells, you have to install those too. The download link is http://www.symbian-freak.com/downloads/app/python/new_py/python_forS60_3rded_and_5thed.zip and http://www.symbian-freak.com/downloads/app/python/new_py/python_script_shell_3rdEd_and_5thed.zip
2. Make sure that you install the two parts of this X-SMS v2.0.X-SMS-part-1.sis and X-SMS-part-2_signed.sisx
3. After those installed, you can see the application shortcut icon on the application folder and you can operate it directly.
4. On the menu "Option", you will get the option "Create", "Show SMS", "Create", "Restore", "Back Up","Get Files", "About", "Help" and "Exit."
Well, to create a SMS back up, choose "Create"
5. The next step, you will get the option to create SMS back up to another formats files. There are .txt, HTML, .doc and .pdf. Choose one format, and wait for the back up process until finish.
6. The back up file will showed on the memory card, and to see it, you just have to browse it with the file manager. Besides we can read it again, this back up file can directly send or share to the internet file hosting.
7. If you want to restore the file to the inbox, choose the "Restore" menu. 8. The next step, search the folder to saves the SMS’ file conversion, and SMS data, so it can restore again.
That’s it. Finish.

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