February 12, 2011

Review Product: Genius Facecam 1000

If you want a desktop computer, or indeed want a desktop computer with a better notebook's web-cam ability, what Genius offers for USB camera Facecam 1000 can be one of your options. For the design, this web-cam is completed with a clamp, as if this portable web-cam is intended to be installed on LCD Monitor or notebook.

However, it doesn't mean that Genius Facecam 1000 can't be installed on a desktop computer with old CRT monitor. There is only one obstacle: the cable length. It has a short cable. But, this problem can be solved with USB cable extender. Related with the design, this camera has a base, which can be rotated 360 degree. So, the positioning can be easier.

According to its specifications, this camera can handle HD contents, although is limited to 720p. We can even increase the resolution up to 8 MP, only the pictures get interpolated. Another extra comes from the lens type, this Genius product uses lens with manual focus.

So, if you want to readjust the focus, you can do it by rotate the cover. At glance, it seems too bad if we compare it with type of camera with auto-focus. But, the good thing is with this manual type, you have a full control with the camera. For instance, if you want the viewers can see you clearly.

From the packaging side, Facecam 1000 presents with a very simple packaging. It only comes with quick guide and Crazy Talk Utility CD. There is no driver since this web-cam is a plug and play type that makes it can be used directly. But, to get all camera's functions, we suggest that you should use Crazy Talk application.


Port: USB 2.0
OS Support: Windows 7/Vista/XP/Mac OS X
Max. Still Image Resolution: 8M
Lens Type: MF
Special Feature: IPM
Headset included: NO
Built-in-Mic: NO
UVC(No Driver Required): YES
HD video(720): YES

System Requirements:

For PC

-Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD equivalent
-Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2
-DirectX 9.0 above

For Mac

-2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo compatible
-1.07 GHz Power PC G4
-Mac OS 10.4.9 above
1G HDD space
DVD-ROM for software installation
Available USB 2.0 port

Package Contents:

FaceCam 1000 webcam -CD-ROM includes:
-CrazyTalk Cam Suite PRO
-Genius button manager
Multi-language user's manual
Multi-language quick guide

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