February 2, 2012

Modem Huawei U 303 Review

USB HSDPA Modem generally needs to be installed and set after we connect it to our PCs. Some even need an application on different media like CD, so it can be operated. If you think that it’s troublesome, so choosing Huawei E303 is a right option.

At the glance, this beautiful modem that is dominated by milky white color looks not so different with another HSDPA modems. But, wait until you try it. There is no installation needed when you plug it on your computer, except the waiting time before the modem is recognized by the PC. Yes, Huawei E303 driver/application already installed in the device. So, you don’t need to install anything even when you’re using it to explore the Internet.

Windows AutoRun system will automatically recognize special file that will run the installed application. Then, how to set the connection to other device? Actually Huawei E303 can do that manually, but if your Internet service provider requires you to do manual set up, you need to use web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. Just open http://hi.link and you can set your Internet connection there. On HiLink screen, you can watch connection statistic, send or check SMS, do network set up and network profile, also update Huawei E303 firmware online.

One problem that we had when we used it was on computer that doesn’t turn on the AutoRun feature: you need to run HiLink program manually. After that this modem can be used normally.


Brand :

Huawei Model E303

Network band :


Data Speed:

Downlink Speed: 7.2Mbps
Uplink Speed: 5.76Mbps

Port :

USB 2.0

Memory :

Micro SD Card Slot

Supported System: 

Windows XP,Windows Vista SP1/SP2,Windows 7,Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 with latest upgrades

Function :

Easy-to-Use with Plug and Play installation Equalizer
Data and SMS service

Dimensions Size:

85x28x12 mm Weight: 20g

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