January 18, 2011

Optimize Your Gaming Experience Safely with Game Booster 2

One thing that often is faced by gamers is the game running slow, so they cannot really enjoy the game. On this chance, we will share how to speed up your game experience using Game Booster 2 Free. Game Booster 2 Free is designed especially to optimize computer so it can be more maximum when we are playing heavy games. With only one single click, Game Booster 2 will be able to optimize computer so you can use your computer to play heavy game.

How does it work? Game Booster 2 Free updates hardware's drivers, download essential gaming tools, does some tweaking to the system setting, defrags games directories, cleans the RAM to add its free space, also maximizes processor performance automatically and safely. It compatibles with PunkBuster, Cheating Death, VAC also other anti cheat software. This software will help you get the maximum gaming experiences.



  • Optimize computer for gaming with only one single click
  • Game Box to optimize automatically when users are playing games.
  • Automatically install the newest drivers for your computer hardware.
  • Download and install useful gaming tools such as Ventrilo and Steam for accelerate gaming experience
  • Defragment game files automatically so game can be running quickly
  • Add computer system ability to the maximum point when it is being used to play game.
  • Setting games easily
  • Interface and menu are easy to be used.

License: Free Version
Size: 6.64 MB
Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000


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