September 20, 2009

Track your expenses with Budget Tracker

Simple and Free Personal Accounting Software.

Are you tire try to maintain your personal financial budget ? Using some accounting softwares like Microsoft Excel could help you but it not automatic and you have to paid or buy to get those softwares. When you install Budget Tracker, it will warn you that in next edition, it could be free or not. But this version totally free software. With Budget Tracker, you can automatically arranges your monthly expenses into categories like mortgage, groceries, power, phone, insurances, car, gas, utilities, school, clothes, out to eat etc.

So, you can manually add your daily expenses into those categories and save it. So, you track your expenses and figure out average monthly expenses, lowest month expenses, highest month expenses and the most highest categories expenses. So, you can plan your budget according those report.

If you find out that there are no categories like you want it or if you want to add the categories like do you want, you can edit and change those categories into your languages or your own terms.
This software pretty simple so you don’t have to master some financial or accounting skills


Software info

File Size : 643 KB
License : Free Software


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