July 15, 2009

Windows Vulnerability Scanner 1.21

Check the vulnerability of your Computer’s Operating System

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Size : 1, 07 MB
Type : Free Version (not free software)
OS : All Windows

Download Via Ziddu/ Download Via Official Website
Windows Vulnerability Scanner 1.21 is a portable software to check the vulnerability of your OS Windows. After it’s scanning your computer operating system. It will tell you which parts are vulnerable and the link to Microsoft Official Web that contain the patchs to fix those vulnerability. So, whether you have Internet connection at home or not this free edition (there is a pro version too) definitely becomes useful tool for you.
The report will storage in the folder you put this software, and it on HTML. The next step that you should do is open the HTML file and learn the part of Windows vulnerability then if you have Internet connection at home, just open the link and download those patchs manually. Or if you don’t have Internet connection, copy the HTML file (the report) to your USB Flash Drive / Flash Disk and whenever you connect to the Internet, open the links and download the patchs manually.
Then install the patch on your computer and follow the instruction from Windows’ Patchs. That’s easy, right ?

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