August 1, 2012

Backup your files with JustCloud, cloud online storage

As we already know, there are many free online storage on the Internet. And, since cloud computing was introduced in 2000s, some of those free online storage started to adopt cloud storage as one of their features. I think we are already familiar with iCloud and Dropbox also Google Drive.

Each of cloud online storage has its own superiority over others. For instance, when we use Google Drive, we can easily use another Google's services that are integrated with this online storage. While iCloud offers benefits for Apple devoted users since every file and photo you have on Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad will be automatically stored on iCloud.

From many other free online storage companies out there, we can try JustCloud. When I visited it for the first time, I was interested in its home page and how it explained its service. So, I tried to create account. It took less than two minutes to create an account with your email and preferred password. We can even use our Facebook account.

After that, I was asked to download JustCloud application, which its size is 8 MB. After I installed the app, I was asked which parts of my computer that I wanted to backup. I chose one folder and then, JustCloud automatically uploaded the folder to its storage.

So, it works almost like Google Drive. The difference is on Google Drive, we must put the files or folders to Google Drive's folder. We cannot modify its default setting (at least that what I know). But, with JustCloud, you don't have to have specific folder. It will automatically backup your data that are stored in any folder or partition that you have previously chosen. You can even make schedule for backup process.

Indeed, JustCloud is not a free online storage. We need to pay for extra storage. Actually Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox aren't free as well. If you want to get more storage, you need to purchase their services. You can pay monthly, semi annual, per 1 year or per 2 year. And, the cost starts from $ 4.49 per month for 75 GB plan.

It supports both Windows and Mac OS, so you can use it as alternative for Google Drive and iCloud. It never be wrong for us to have as many backup services as we can get.

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