June 29, 2012

Google will give thousands dollar for Bug finders on Chrome 20

Google will give money as reward for people who can find bugs on browser Chrome 20. The money that will be given by Google now around $ 11,500. Google has given money as much as $ 7, 000 to a web developer with screen name 'miaubiz', who could find seven high level of security bugs on Chrome 20.

Another web developer named Juri Aedla found two bugs with high level of security and got $ 4,000. While Nicholas Gregoire found bug with medium level of security and got $ 500.

"We also want to thank Arthur Gerkis, Atte Kettunen, from OUSPG and miaubiz, who have been collaborating with us to find development cycle and prevent security threats toward Chrome," Google wrote on its official blog post.

Google indeed invites community and web developer to find weaknesses on Chrome for Mac, Linux and Windows. In the last March, Google rewarded $ 60,000 to Sergey Glazunov who found weaknesses on Chrome.

When it receives suggestions about bugs on Chrome, Google soon creates patches and releases fixes to its browser.

Download Google Chrome 20 here (Offline/ Online)

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