May 14, 2012

5 Firefox addons to protect your browsing activity

More people start to spend their time online than before. But, just as many people start to use the Internet, the security threats also increase as well. Of course, those security threats reach us for the first time through our browsers. So, the first logical step to protect us from the attacks is by strengthening our browser. Today, Freeware Catalogue is going to share five Firefox add-ons to protect your browsing activity. Stay tuned, there will be more articles about cool browser add-ons to enhance your online security.

1. WOT

When we use this add-on, WOT (Web of Trust) will warn us if it finds any websites try scam you or if it finds any websites try to infect your computer with malware or spam. WOT will give you several signs: green means safe, yellow means suspicious, red means dangerous.

2. NoScript

NoScript is one of the best Firefox add-ons for security. This add-on enables you to decide which website can run active contents such as JavaScript and executable codes. It also gives you another strength from cross-site scripting attack as well as clickjacking attack.

3. Stealther

If you want to surf without leave any traces on your computer, Stealther is one of add-ons that you need. One mainstay feature of Stealther is you can deactivate browsing history, cookies, history of downloaded files, disk cache also list of recently closed tabs. However, those histories are not deleted, they are just hidden by Stealther. You can show them again with just a single click.

4. Adblock Plus

There are many Internet users use Adblock Plus. This add-on is useful to block ads and banners that might endanger or disturb your surfing comfortably. It is easy to use. Even since it is activated, it will automatically block ads.

5. Better Privacy

This add-on will protect you from cookies that can't be deleted. This cookies is a new generation that is called 'Super Cookies" that has invaded the Internet. Besides protects you from super cookies, it also can block long-term tracking from websites such as Google, Youtube and other sites.

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