May 22, 2012

Download Free First Person Shooter Game: Crysis Wreckage

Playing First Person Shooter (FPS) games like Call of Duty is something fun. But, it is difficult to find a free FPS game. Even if we find one, it probably is not as good as paid FPS games. But, you will find this free FPS game as something worth to play. Probably it won't be as good Call of Duty, but at least it's free.

Crysis Wreckage is a free First Person Shooter that is made based on Crysis engine. Wreckage has detail graphics as well as cool game play. When you play this free game, you will be equipped with two weapons also one war uniform and another combat tools. Not only do you should shoot enemies along the battle field, but there are also some various actions you should do like flying helicopter, etc. The variety is one of many things that makes this game is fun to play.

Here, the video trailer of Crysis Wreckage:

Although this game is made based on Crysis Engines, but you can play it without have to install Crysis. You can download its standalone version here.

If you are a fan of FPS game, this game is highly recommended. But, there are some notes for you. First, this game needs a computer with high specification. If you don't have the required specifications, your computer could freeze several times.

Second, even though there are various languages available for this game, but the audio is still German. Another languages are only available as subtitles.

Third, the installer is quite big, which is 2 GB. So, you need to have a high speed Internet connection.

Fourth, this game is made by only four people. They definitely are brilliant.

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