May 1, 2012

How to Burn Many Video Files into One DVD-R

Usually when we want to burn our video files into a DVD disk, which we could play it on DVD player, we have one limitation : duration. If you are burning video file into one DVD, you only can burn the video with 120 minutes maximum duration. So, if you have several AVI files (both DivX or Xvid ) with 4 GB of total size, but each file has 120 minutes duration, you can only burn one file.

So, how we could burn many video files into a playable DVD ? The answer is simple, we could burn the video files into data format. Every DVD player today has several features, which allows us to play several video format such as MP4, AVI, VCD (MPG) and some DVD players even have features to read and play WMV.

So, the idea is we have to convert our video files into one format that is supported by our DVD player. So, we can change the limitation from duration into size ( one DVD-R usually has 4 GB of maximum size, the others could have 9 GB and even 16 GB, these maximum size could storage many video files).

For instance, your DVD player supports AVI (both DivX or Xvid), then you have to convert any video file that has different format into AVI video file. Then, pick up video files that you want to burn, remember the maximum size depends into your DVD-R type, it varies from 4 GB -16 GB. Open you favorite software to burn the data, choose burn DVD Data option. That’s it!

Still don’t understand ? OK, these step by step tutorial :

1. Choose the video format that is supported by your DVD Player. I usually use VCD format, because I haven't found yet the right codec to convert the video into AVI. I’ve tried several times to burn the data into DVD or AVI, but the video files couldn’t be read by my DVD Player. If you need free powerful video converter software, you could read The Best Free Video and Audio Converter Software

If you want to make sure that the video format is readable by your DVD player, you can test it. It simply by convert one of your video file than send it into your USB Flash Disk. DVD players today usually have USB Port, now just plug you USB Flash Disk into your DVD player and see if it readable or not.

If you want a complete multimedia player that could play various format such as WMV, DivX, ivX, WMA and etc, you probably want to buy Pioneer DV-420V-K Multi-Format 1080p Upscaling DVD Player

2. When the conversion has done, then next time is burning your video files. You can use Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free. It’s a free software to burning data into DVD, VCD and even Blu-Ray. Download and install this free software. Then choose "Burn Files and Folders" (Look at the picture below, click to enlarge)

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