January 15, 2012

Windows 8 can run 400,000 Android apps

Android apps just like honey that attract bees. After RIM mentioned that there will be Android apps on BlackBerry Playbook, this time Windows 8 will be able to run Android apps.

However, it’s not Microsoft who will run Android apps on Windows 8. It’s BlueStack application that enables whether desktop computer, laptop or tablet that based on Windows 8 can run thousand apps from Android Market.

At electronic expo event Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, BlueStacks has announced that they will create App Player that will be able to run all Android apps on Windows 8 devices in 2012.

BlueStacks CEO, Rosen Sharma praised the beauty of Metro User Interface (Metro UI) used by Windows 8. However, Sharma said that Windows 8 only can run a few applications as it is not only created for computer, but also for smartphone and tablet.

And because of that, BlueStacks creates Android App Player to offer a solution to Windows 8. It means there will be more than 400, 000 Android apps that can be run on Windows 8.

The App player will be integrated with Metro UI, so the Android apps will look integrated with Microsoft platform.

BlueStacks promised that this App Player will be available on beta version in February 2012. Meanwhile, its final launching date has not been decided yet. Although it was mentioned that the launching date will be in the middle of 2012.

Last year, BlueStacks has released an app named Apps-on-PC that enables thousand Android apps to be accessed through personal computer (PC) based on Windows.

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