November 21, 2009

Finest Woods Bellperre

Special Mobile Phone from woods

Apparently, wood can be one of material to make mobile phone looks more attractive and luxurious. Like what Balperre do to create mobile phone from the best wood material.
Phone cellular that named as Finest Woods Bellpere designed so unique and using the best natural woods which are infamous like Walnut, Elm, Zebrano and Wenge. This mobile phone has 120 gram of weight, and it size is 100 x 44 x 15,3 mm. This mobile phone has 2 inch display screen that com equipped with scratch proof glasses which it material’s from Sapphire crystal.
Be sides using wood, this mobile phone has another materials, likes Steel, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold or more famous as platinum. Be side that, Finest Woods Bellphere equipped with 110 leathers materials which are consist from shark’s leather, crocodile’s leather and buffalo’s leather.
And Bellperre will add diamond and jewel too if there are any request from costumer/s. Finest Woods Bellperre using 900/1800/1900 GSM network with Windows Mobile Operating System. And add it performances, this mobile phone also equipped with Bluetooth stereo, and push email.
Although its presence as known, including with its features and materials. They not price this mobile phone which created in Dutch yet.

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