May 9, 2012

GIMP 2.8 is released with single-window editing mode

GNU Image Manipulation Project or well-known as GIMP, just released its new version, 2.8. This new version offers several fixes both from technical sides and user-interface, including the long-awaited edit mode.

For people who don't know about GIMP yet, this free computer application is one of Photoshop alternatives even we can't compare them directly. GIMP supports Mac, Linux and Windows.

Besides it comes with new user-interface, GIMP 2.8 finally has single-window editing mode. It means, GIMP users don't have to feel annoyed with document window and palette tool window that previously were separated.

However, although this mode has been the long-waited feature on GIMP by its users, GIMP developer doesn't make it as default mode. The developer still gives the users options to choose whether they want to work with separate windows or single-window.

Another update is file saving process. The 'Save' feature on GIMP 2.8 is now only aimed to save image on XCF format. While for another formats outside XCF, user can use 'export' feature.

Another thing that is worthy to note from this new version is the presence of layer group similar with the one that we have on Photoshop. This feature will help users to be more flexible on their layer arrangements.
Another improvements that are felt by graphic designers is its ability to add text directly on canvas instead of on separated text editor window that we found on previous versions.

So, if you want to try GIMP 2.8, you can download it directly here.

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