September 1, 2008

Free Indonesian-English Dictionaries

Are you Indonesian or somebody that has been learning Indonesian language ? This software will suitable for you. It name simple Kamus ( version 2.03 which used when this article made). With this dictionaries software you can translates words from Indonesian to English or English to Indonesian and you can set it automatically.

It download word for word and can’t translate sentences or paragraph. But it can translate phrase or expression. And not only that, you can submit new word or phrase wich can’t translate by this software. When ever you want to translate, run this program then copy word that you want to translates, while you open /restore the software your word already paste and translate automatically.
It has 41.000 English-Indonesian word, 35.000 Indonesian-English word and contain 64.000 phrase. It portable too.
Detail Informations :
Name : Kamus
Size : 2,79 mb
Company :
Type : Free for non comercial purposes. For cormecial purposes, contact the creator on address above.
Download Here or go to address above.

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