May 13, 2009

Antivirus For Conficker

PCMAV 2.0b Detail Informations :

Download PCMAV 2.0b here (via Ziddu)

Read PCMAV’s EULA ( End User License Agreement ) in here (via Ziddu)

Size : 4 MB/ 2 MB on ZIP or RAR.

Prosesor : Pentium
RAM : 256 MB
OS - Windows XP 32-bit
- Window Vista 32-bit
- Windows 7 32-bit (eksperimental)

This 250.000 US dolar virus became famous cause it complexity. It attack every computer whether it citizen’s computer or government’s computer. And some antivirus can’t kill this virus. But, don’t worry. You make a right decision to drop by on this blog. I’ve found a portable antivirus that can kill this conficker easily. You don’t have to using comand prompt etc.

This antivirus called PCMAV ( PC Media Antivirus). A antivirus bonus program from a leader computer magazine on Indonesia : PC Media. You don’t have to install it cause like I said, it’s portable. Not to mention that it has a small size. Look how PCMAV 2.0b killed conficker A and conficker B that attacked my USB Flash Disk :

PCMAV terminated Conficker 1
PCMAV terminated Conficker 2

PCMAV terminated Conficker 3
How to Use PCMAV 2.0b to kill /terminate Conficker :

1. Turn off your LAN network or another computer network in your office or home.

2.Turn off the Internet connection.

3.Turn off the system restore on Your computer (click right to My Computer’s icon and click system restore, choose Turn Off System Restore on all drives.) This way useful so the virus can’t comeback after killed or terminated.

4. Run PCMAV 2.0b ( it more effective if you put this antivirus on your hard disk instead in your USB Flash Disk). And scan all your hard drives.

5. When it detected, click "Cure files".

Note : Scan every computer you have and after it finish, restart your computer. Some anti viruses detect PCMAV as a virus. It is a false alarm. I can assure you that PCMAV not a virus. So, ignore it or set PCMAV as a exception from antivirus’s scanner or guard.

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