October 27, 2009

A Nightmare of Using Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager could be the popular download manager in the market today. Even the free version of this software can work with excellent performance. And the interface makes us believe that Internet Download Manager help boosting up our download process more than other.

Personally, it is including in one of my three favorite download manager software. It rarely disappointed me. But, there is one fatal weakness of this software. What is it ?

When we download files with the help of Internet Download Manager, the file/s that we download are not created yet in our hard disk. It or those files usually are created in temporary folder in somewhere in our hard disk, but we can't see it/those. Although some computer's setting allows us to trace where Internet Download Manager put its file/s.

The download process stops at 99.99 %

I have seen and tracked the file/s and knew that Internet Download Manager literally divided the file/s into parts, it could be 7-15 parts depend on its setting. And those part only can be resumed and put as one file/s when the download process is done. The nightmare comes when our download process fails. Imagine when we download large file/s and it's only 99.99 % before it completes and the download process stop. We try to resume it, but it can't resume it. While to re-download again, it takes to much time.

And our waiting moment is useless because the file/s that we download aren't existing  in our hard disk. So, how to overcome this kind of situation ? Honestly, I don't know. I had learned that there are not perfect software in the world and even there are a lot of excellent software in the world, sometimes they are acting up.

Orbit Downloader, the alternative and the problem solver

But, I find out that my other favorite download manager, which is Orbit Downloader, has a different management. Although the interface makes us think that it not as faster as Internet Download Manager, but it has superiority than Internet Download Manager.

In contrast to Internet Download Manager, the file/s that we download with Orbit Downloader are created on our hard disk even the download process not complete yet. We can track it easily, usually the file/s extension is on .ob! format.

So, imagine the same trouble shooting happen with Orbit, and the download process only left 99.99 %. It is disaster, but the file/s still exist in our hard disk. Although it useless if we download some files like software, eBooks or document, but it useful enough for videos or audios.

So, the last solution for people who usually stick on one brand and don't want to change to or try another one, let's hope that Internet Download Manager change their system and follow the Orbit Downloader's way.


Friends, I have one solution to deal with this issue. Read one way to fix this issue in my other article: Get Youtube vide-How to resume the broken download

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