October 31, 2009

Remove sality with Win32. Sality Removal Tool

What is Win32. Sality Removal Tool

I start to think that some people might have some troubles with Sality virus as I learned that some people are complaining about my two previous posts in my other blog. I have posted two articles about two removal tools for Sality, first was PCMAV Express Sality Removal and the second was AVG Sality Removal. Some of my readers commented that the two weren’t worked for this virus.

So, I was searching about the removal and found Win32. Sality Removal Tool. And because my computer was not infected ( and I hope never get infected), I can’t be sure you that this software will work. The opportunity to try this software goes to you, readers, who the computers are infected by this virus. I hope you will try it and give me a favor by leaving a comment in this blog about the tool whether it works or not.


Software info

File Size : 9,70 MB
License : Free Software
OS: -


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