November 13, 2009

Asus Xonar Essence ST, Bring High Class Audio on Your Home

Have you dream about having high class audio on your home ? If you have, there is nothing to loss to see what Asus has offering to you.
Because, Asus has offering a solution for them who have been dreaming about great audio set. The new audio card of Asus claimed can minimize sound intervention up to 31 %, useful for audio reproduction that clearer, pure, and sharp. That escalating will more clearly when we play CD audio with sample ratio up to 44,1 kHz.
Not only that, Signal-to-Noise ratio ( SNR) level up to 124 dB will be impress you enough than onboard audio solution that offered by other industries which only 85-88 SNR. The result is Xonar Essence St can produce so pure audio with clarity up to 64 times than the others.
When you look inside, we will find the best components which make Xonar Essence ST as the audio card which selected by music fans. Why ? Because it can produce frequency responses less than 10 Hz to 90 kHz which is very amazing, and with dynamic ranges 124dB with capacitor " Fine Gold " Nichicon which very useful to produce bass sound.
Highest Density
While, it’s high class Digital-to-Analog Converter ( DAC) Burr-Brown PCM 1792A will provide special audio conversion from analog signal. The electrics creation process between ASUS circuit system with soil in the PCB will separate the signal from annoyances. It will ensure that only the clearest waves will get to ultra-sensitive translator component.
The other feature that we can find is OP-amp socket which can moved, so make the user possible to adjust the audio according their unique preferences. The same thing actually can find in the technology Dolby Home Theater and newest technology gaming machine 3D, DS3D GX2.5 with the sound which can produce sweep away sound when we are watching film or play games.
Another benefit from ASUS Xonar Essence, the users will enjoy sound with the highest density from the headphone without any amplifier addition. This Integrated Amplified Headphone will give you more full sonic ranges on the headphone with the distortion less than 0,001 % and impedance 600 Ohm. As the anticipation the possibility of further extended, Xonar Essence ST also can connected with another set of high class audio.
Source : Solopos

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