November 5, 2009

Windows Phone Ready to Challenges Blackberry

"There is Office application on the Windows Phone. This feature in one of the keys that will strengthen Windows Phone." Lukman Susetio, Product Manager of Windows 7, Microsoft Indonesia.
During the escalation of marketing and demanding of smart phone Blackberry, Microsoft releases Windows Phone which specifically for challenges Blackberry. Product Manager of Windows 7, Microsoft Indonesia, Lukman Susetio, say that his company ready to facing the competition with the famous smart phone, Blackberry. Windows Phone is the successor of Windows Mobile, according to him, and it has benefit because it is an evolution from PDA ( Personal Data Assistant).
"PDA changes what it was on PC to net books, and then from the net books to mobile phones. The challenge now is to present an easy user interface for people, " he said. Lukman say that he is optimistic that Windows Phone can compete various smart phones. Microsoft values Windows Phone as the only gadget that costumer can count on, especially for the profesionales who have out door activities.
"There is Office Application in Windows Phone. This feature is one of the keys that strengthen Windows Phone, it is offers interesting experience too, because it’s same with PC, " he adds.
While, The Vice President of PT Acer Indonesia, Jason Lim, say that mobile phones with Windows System are something that his company can count on. This system has been applied to Acer’s handset. According him, Acer is including one of note book which be a pioneer that applied the newest Windows System.
"The problem is, Windows platform always attract viruses. The viruses’s attack can be one of the costumers considerations. But, there are very rare situation where viruses attack handset directly. If there are any of them, 95 % viruses attack handset through blue tooth and MMS’s attachment. But now, Antivirus vendors have provide their products for Windows Phone, " he explains.

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