December 3, 2009

Microsoft Persuades IE 6 Users To Upgrade

Microsoft has started the campaign to encourage browser Internet Explorer (IE) 6 users to upgrade to IE 8 soon. The main factor of this suggestion is because after the IE 8 launched on March, Microsoft has announced to the IE 6 users that it has expired.
Actually many peoples want to migrate to the newest version, but most of them didn’t do it because there were obstacles that made them felt difficult to upgrade to IE 8. Moreover, some of them couldn’t do it because their companies’ policy which not allowed random download.
Microsoft it self target this campaign will continues until June, 2010. Microsoft claims IE 8 as the better alternative. "What we do is helping the users to understand how to protect themselves toward the threat social engineering/manipulation that exist and to helping people understand how Internet Explorer put people in the situation where they can control their own privacy online, " Ryan Servant, Senior Manager of Internet Explorer Product said.
"The security is the biggest problem on IE 6 and Microsoft now offers the better security system which capable to blocks 2 million malware websites everyday, " he firms.

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