December 10, 2009

Split your video with VidSplitter

Free and Powerful tool to split your video files

This software is the powerful tool not only to cut your video file/s, but also to convert your video file/s. To make you more understand about VidSplitter, let's see several points below :

1.Type of Video’s Input :

VidSplitter can split and or convert several types of videos : AVI, ASF, MOV, Mp4, Mpeg, WMV and even MKV.

2.Video Output type :

You can choose which type of videos do you want : Raw video ( uncompressed), WMV 8 Encoder DMO, MSScreen encoder DMO, WMV Video 9 encoder DMO, MSScreen 9 encoder DMO, DV Video Encoder, ffdshow video encoder, DivX 6.85 Codec (1 Logical CPU), Xvid MPEG4 Codec etc.
You can even choose the width and height and fps (frame per second) setting. Or just follow the original setting.

3.Audio Output :

You can choose the audio output too. Here, several types of audio that supported by VidSplitter : GeoVid MP3 Encoder, Ogg vorbis (mode 1, mode 2, mode 3, mode 1 +, mode 2 +, mode 3 +), DV Audio PAL, DV Audio NTSC, IAC2, PCM, WMA Encoder DMO, WMAudio Endocer DMO etc.

4.Size Output :

Even better because you can choose your size output. To understand this, let say if we have 1 MKV video file and its size 400 MB. You can choose :

-128 MB (USB Flash Drive size) :

It’s mean that your MKV video will be split into 400 MB/128 MB = 3 videos, each has 128 MB of size and one has 16 MB.

-700 MB (CD Disk) :

 It means that your video will be convert into 700 MB. There are 2 possibility (according your output preferences), first if it only need less than 700 MB to full convert it, the split process will be stop before 700 MB. Second, if it need more than 700 MB to full convert so it will convert into 700 MB file plus the rest.

 -4 GB (DVD Disk) : 

It has the same output or cases with 700 MB.

-Custom : 

It means that you can choose the size output as big as you want to. I hope you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Try it and please share the result in this blog.


Software info:

Size : 10,6 MB
License : Free Software


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