January 22, 2010

Play hundreds TV Channel for free with Online TV Player

With Online TV Player you can play hundred radio and TV channels from almost all countries and it is totally free. Of course, all radio and TV Channels that are provided are free services and not TV Cable channels like HBO or ESPN and etc.

But at least, you can watch or hear another radio channels and TV Channels from another countries for free without have to buy parabola antenna which cost you $ 100  or more. In this version, here list of countries that supported by Online TV Player : Afghanistan ( 3 TV Channels, 1 radio channel), Albania ( 6 TV Channels), Algeria (1 TV Channel), Andorra (2 TV Channels), Argentina (26 TV Channels), Aruba (2 TV Channels), Australia (11 TV Channels), Austria (5 TV Channels), United Kingdom (57 Channels) and United States of America (249 TV Channels) and there are more countries but I can’t mention all, download it and you will find out by yourself.

Note : You need high speed Internet Connection to enjoy it without any disturbances. At least more than 52 KB Internet modem. By the way, you can set the preferences according to Internet Connections speed, whether it modem or broadband and I note that this software won’t eat your Internet bandwidth to much.

File Size : 1,57 MB
License : Free Software
Download : Via Ziddu 

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