July 15, 2010

BreakPal 3.0- Fitness at Your Desk

Many people today more realize that health is something invaluable. So, people do anything necessary to maintain their health. From eat healthy food to go exercise at gym or fitness center. But, it no longer a secret that there are too many temptations stand in our ways. And when it happens, we think that now we have excuses.

One of the biggest obstacle in maintain our health is our busy work time. Many people today spend hours, sitting on their chair, starring their computer and work from morning into night and even from morning to morning. And then we are forgetting to exercise or eat a proper food.

So, that is the time when BreakPal will help you. You’ll need the Adobe Air to install this software. The main idea of this software is simple. It will remind you to get exercise, right in front your desk. How? Like the positioning statement: Fitness I saw you yesterday (unless, of course, it is part of a title).">at Your Desk, it will set up some interval time. You can set this up according to your preferences.
When the time comes, it not only reminds you to exercise, but it will help you with tutorials about how to exercise in front your desk. Some exercise like desk yoga, chi qong, office yoga, kung fu cardio. Don’t get overwhelmed with the titles, it totally easy and suitable for everyone, especially for beginner.
So, this software is really a win-win solution for people who work on the desk, bloggers or all people who spend most of their time in front computer. Download this software and will, e.g.: He will help us.">you’ll get your dream to get shape, relax and healthy.
File Size : 1 MB
License : Free
Download Break Pal 3.0 Now

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