January 18, 2011

4 Free Software to help you manage your life in automatic ways

There is an expression that says "time now goes faster than several years ago." This expression indicates that people think 24 hours seem no longer enough. It seems we have too many things in our hands. And before everything finish, the day already finished. That makes our effort to balance our life look like a daunting task. Well, that's why I share these four free software to help you manage your life in an automatic way.

1. Marxio Timer 1.13.3

Do you need a reminder application which is flexible and safe for your work? Marxio Timer can do repetition after particular minutes and seconds, before or after. Furthermore, all these reminders only can be changed by insert password first. What safe and useful free software to arrange your schedule.

License: Free Software (Personal Use and Commercial use)
Size: 930 KB
Download Marxio Timer

2. Money on Thread 1.5.0

Finance is one of various important factors in our life (the others probably our family or job). Money on Thread will record all your incomes and expenses. All finance activities will be noted accurately. It is simple and easy to be used, more than that you can see your financial condition clearly. Thanks to this free software. Calculate your personal finance situation, so you won't end up in bankruptcy.

License: Free Software (for personal use)
Size: 3809 KB
Download Money on Thread

3. MyCar-Monitor 4.2 Build 0.7

Take care our vehicles are something important things to do. In fact, it is absolute thing to do if you want your vehicles in a good condition. This free software provides several features such as the ability to show the right way to take care our cars, payment information, detail information about how long the traveled distances, the information about how many accidents that happened. MyCar- Monitor will help you to save the cost, so you don't have to overspend your money because unintended ignorance.

License: Free Software (Personal Use and Commercial Use)
Size: 2980 KB
Download MyCar-Monitor 4.2

4.Homy Fads Clothing Organizer

Do you have a hobby to buy clothes until you forget the numbers? Do you need software to arrange the clothes? Well, Homy Fads Clothing Organizer is suitable software for you. Homy Fads is free clothes inventory software. It helps you to arrange your clothes. It has features to search and comment the clothes. Manage your fashion collection with this free software, so your wardrobe will shipshape and well-ordered.

License: Free Software (Personal Use and Commercial Use)
Size: 1208 KB
Download Homy Fads Clothing Organizer

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