February 26, 2011

Google Chrome will use new, radical interface

LONDON--Google Internet web browser, Chrome can adopt new interface, which changes how the web addresses are displayed.

Telegraph reported that the software developers who work on Google Chrome have been testing the radical change on its interface.

A source who closes with the company said that address bar now takes some important room, which can be used for web browsing. One plan that has been considered that it only visible when the users point their mouse into specific parts on the screen.

The 'solid' new navigation mode, is described by Chromium site as one of two main focuses from the developers. They will take the web address bar from each tab, leave more room on screen to display web page.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, which the pre-release already finish, adopt the same approach. Chrome, however, will be planned significant on the version that is more stripped, leave many empty rooms to browsing web.

Chrome also increases the web applications usage, just like what has produced by Tweetdeck for the users to manage their Twitter accounts.

Google Chrome today has been used by more than 120 million users. This company also has been planning to create Chrome OS, a competitor for Microsoft Windows.

Google Chrome renews Chrome every five weeks, but the main upgrade tends more less.

The company warned that "the user interface is under development" and said that there is no guarantee that the design change will be launched on wide scale.

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