February 25, 2011

Kaspersky Lab Launched an Antivirus for BlackBerry and Android Phone

Security content and management solution company, Kaspersky Lab launched Kaspersky Mobile Security 9, an anti virus for smart phone, which can be used on Android and Black Berry. Sergey Nevstruyev, vice-president of Mobile Solutions Kaspersky Lab said that the new version can be used on Android and Black Berry, besides can be running on other platform such as Symbian and Windows Mobile.

 "Security is really needed on smart phone which can be used for online transactions, to communicate, and send messages. Mobile devices must be protected from various threats and the personal data won't fall into cyber criminals," he said on Wednesday, Feb 23th, 2011.

This product is designed to protect smart phone from malware and spam, block unwanted calls, hide files or certain contacts, find device location when it is missing, monitoring kids mobile activity, to make sure where they are.

 Sergey explained with unique protection technology, the users only need to push one button to hide particular contacts and contacts data, including incoming calls list, contact list and SMS also deactivate their calls. The contacts also can be hidden automatically after idle period had set or remotely by send SMS. The users also can filter unwanted calls and SMS by create white list and black list.

 This solution enables users to delete files or block them by send special SMS, and find location from missing device with GPS Find Tool help, or block the devices. Parental Control module allows parents to limit children's telephone contacts, such as deny premium numbers.

Users have control to numbers, which can contact their children. "Users realize that mobile threats today are something real and not just some science fiction. For now, smart phone becomes an interesting target for cyber criminals because the increasing of valuable data that are kept by the users," he added.

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