March 25, 2011

BiblioteQ 6.45, free personal library management

What is BiblioteQ

Have a personal library with a lot of books collection is something fun. The good library management system definitely can ease you manage your personal library. You can try BiblioteQ. It is a free, complete and comprehensive personal library management software.

For some categories, BiblioteQ provides a mechanism for querying the Library of Congress, or any other Z39.50-capable system, via the standard Z39.50 protocol; thus simplifying the data-entry process.

As for database support, BiblioteQ allows for connectivity to both PostgreSQL and SQLite database engines.


· Cataloging of Books, DVDs, Journals, Magazines, Music CDs, and Video Games.
· Patron information.
· Rich search capabilities, including custom SQL queries.
· Cover images with drag and drop support.
· PostgreSQL accounts with various privileges.
· Administrator roles.
· Full PostgreSQL and SQLite support.
· Transactional database queries.
· Threaded data retrieval via the Library of Congress for Books, Journals, and Magazines.
 · Print support.
· Support for requesting unavailable items.
· Item reservation.
· Listings of overdue items, requested items, and reserved items.
· Customizable item data, pricing information, and currencies.
· Item reservation histories for patrons.
· OFFSYSTEM URL support.
· Customizable displays.
 · Embedded hyperlinks for localized searches of similar items.
· Front cover image retrieval via Amazon.
· Uniform functionality across various platforms.




Free Software


11 MB


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