June 8, 2011

Hidden Chronicles challenges Facebook users to be detectives

Uncle Geoffrey wrote a letter, asked you to meet Ramsey Manor. But, when you arrived at Uncle Geoffrey’s house, he already died! Situations around his house are suspicious and you need to expose the mystery of his death.

That’s a glimpse of storyline that becomes basic plotline of Hidden Chronicles, Zynga’s new Facebook game. This game is available on Facebook and ready to enchanted social game addicts. Players are invited to play as detectives here.

”Hidden Chronicles involves the ability to remember, skill and competition because it tests players to find thousand things or hidden things on various scenes,” Creative Director of Hidden Chronicles, Cara Ely explained.

And because this is a social game, players can visit friends and leave secret packages to them to find. Players can also challenge their friends to play “FastFind” scene to see who will be able to find hidden objects in 60 seconds.

As quoted from PC World, this game has 50 levels. Each level will bring players to different backgrounds and time periods.

On their search, players will adventure to various scenes such as Central Park, Paris bistro, debris on seabed and voodoo doll stores. All that they experience will help to expose the mystery of Uncle Geoffrey dead and identity of Ramsey Manor.

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