April 11, 2012

Electronics Assistant 4.2, free electronics calculator

What is Electronic Assistant

Resistors have different colors, which each has different calculation value. To build an electronic device, you should calculate the value of resistors that you use. Electronics Assistant will replace the task for you. This free software will recognize color value, resistant magnitude, capacity, and also power resistor calculation.



  • New 555 timer, voltage regulator & RC filter calculators
  • Enhanced series / parallel resistance & capacitance calculator
  • Calculation of preferred capacitor values with a choice of series from E6 to E24
  • Full compatibility with Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Other enhancements & bug fixes

Other features include saving or printing of calculation reports, calculation of preferred resistor values, links to open Windows Calculator and up to 3 user-defined programs from the toolbar, hideable theory and formula information panels and full built-in help.


Free Software


500 KB


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