May 4, 2012

Asus Eee DR900 9 inch eBook reader

If you have a hobby to spend your time to read while you are on the go, you will enthusiast with the presence of ASUS Eee Reader DR900. With 9-inch of screen, it offers read area 2.25 times wider than the other 6-inch e-Book readers. This stunning device is very suitable to read various types of digital reading books from novels to comics.

Portable with battery endurance up to two weeks

With its thickness less than 10 mm and weight for only 440 gram, Eee Reader is a good companion while you are on the go. It is very portable and easy to be brought wherever you go, either for your daily trip or for long distance flight. With 2 GB of internal memory (can be added optionally with SD card), it can store up to 5,000 e-Books. And with battery endurance up to 2 weeks, it can be used to read 20 novels without having to be recharged.

SiPix electrophoretic screen

The very low power consumption is enabled by SiPix electrophoretic screen in Eee Reader. It only consumes the power when changing pictures, and not when it displays them. Changing pages can be done quickly, and the monochrome pictures look very sharp just as printed ink in the papers.

And the screen even looks clear on the daylight, makes it comfortable to read either when we are sunbathing or when we read in lightning light beside our bedroom.

Wide touch screen

9 inch touchscreen makes Eee Reader doesn't require physical keyboard and also enables a simple and intuitive user interface. Both young readers and old readers can use Eee Reader easily just in minutes. And with integrated Wi-Fi and optional 3G, it something possible for us to read and access all e-Books all around the world.

Main features

9 inch SiPix Electrophoretic screen is really looks like a paper in a print book, enables us to experience a more natural and comfortable reading activity than when we are using LCD backlit.

The capacitive touch screen with virtual keyboard can be used to give additional note, make hand writing notes, and even sketch. You can also buy e-Books where ever you are, thanks to Web Kit based browser and integrated Wi-Fi, also optional 3G. Non stop reading with battery endurance for four days if Wi-Fi is on, and up to two weeks if Wi-Fi off. It supports high quality text-to-speech on 23 languages, enables us to do some instant conversions from eBook to audio books.


Operating System: Linux
Display: 9 inch diagonal SiPix electrophoretic
Resolution: 1024x 768 pixels
WLAN: 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
Wireless Network: Optional 3G
Capacity: 2 GB of internal memory, support microSD card expansion
Audio: 3.5 mm jack audio stereo
Integrated stereo speakers: input/output 1x port connector Micro USB (USB 2.0)
1x slot Micro SD card
1x jack earphone 3.5mm
Battery: battery endurance up to 4 days with Wi-Fi is turned on. 2 weeks if Wi-Fi is turned off.
Charging Time: full charging for 4 hours using available adaptor power. Also supports battery charging from computer via USB 2.0
Dimension: 222x 161x 9.7 mm
Weight: 440 gram without 3G, 473 gram with 3G

Buy Product:

Asus Eee DR900 has not available yet on Amazon, but you can pre-order ASUS Eee Slate EP121-1A010M 12.1-Inch Tablet PC

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