May 11, 2012

Tutorial: How to create new Google Docs documents faster

If you want to switch from Microsoft Office to Google Docs, or you often use Google Docs than Microsoft Office, there is one problem that you have. You need to do many steps just to create a new document or a new presentation. First, you need to open your browser. Second, you need to type the Google Docs' URL or if you bookmark it, open the bookmark. Third, you need to type your username and password. And the last, after you login, you need to create new document. So, you need to take 5 steps to create a new document.

There is one solution to solve this problem: create shortcut on your computer's desktop.

Tools you need

- You only need Google Docs icon package to change the icons on your shortcuts. Download the icon package here.

Create Google Docs shortcuts on your Windows' desktop

1. Right click on an empty space on your computer's desktop and the click "New" and choose "Shortcut"

2. On the location box, type the URL address of the shortcut. On this example, I created a shortcut for Google Docs document. Then click "Next"

Here, the list of URL addresses of each Google Docs files:

3. Now rename the shortcut to a name you want. On this example, I choose Google Docs. Then, click 'Finish'.

4. Here, it is: our new shortcut. On the example, it still uses Mozilla Firefox icon.

So, we will change the icon to Google Docs document icon.

Change the icon to Google Docs icon

1. Prepare the icon pack that you have downloaded from Softpedia. It's on a RAR format. So, you need to extract it.

2. Right click on the shortcut that we have made before. Click 'Properties'
3. Then, choose 'Change icon'
4. Click 'Browse'.
Find the extracted folder of icon pack. And choose the icon you want. I chose Google Doc icon. Click 'Open'

Then, click "OK". Your new shortcut icon should be changed to something like this:
Repeat this process to each shortcuts you want to make: Spreadsheet, Presentation, etc.

Creating these shortcuts will save your time. Now, every time you want to create a new document or spreadsheet you only need click the shortcut. It will open the Google Docs page and you only need to login. So, it saves you from doing 4 steps into two steps.

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