May 23, 2012

Download video streaming with Freecorder 5

What is Freecorder 5

Since Firefox is updated frequently and new version is released in every 6 weeks, some popular download managers like Orbit Downloader and Internet Download Manager seem overwhelmed. Orbit Downloader now can't be integrated with Firefox and we can't use it on Chrome and Opera.

This is a big problem for layman who want to download video and audio streaming. While probably some savvy users manage to solve this problem. That's when a free software like Freecorder steps in and offers a simple solution.

This free software offers several features like download and record audio and video streaming from various websites, play online TV and radio. I found out that this software worked on Firefox 12, but I didn't try to find out if it worked on Chrome and Opera.

After I downloaded and installed Freecorder, Freecorder added a toolbar on Firefox. So, I could download any video and audio streaming just by clicking the toolbar. But, I found out several things that made me uncomfortable to use this software.

First, it installed a new search engine and modified my homepage on my Firefox without my permission. It didn't ask my permission to change or installed new search engine and modified my homepage when I installed it. When I found out how to restore my previous setting, it acted like a stubborn kid and insisted to modify my search engine and homepage.

Second, it didn't have an  integrated download manager. So, when I clicked a download toolbar, it would try to find the original download link of a video streaming like the way Keepvid does. And after that, the download process was handled by Firefox. It is fine for a small video, but for a huge video and with slow Internet connection it would be a problem. As we know, Firefox can't resume download process when it downloads a video from Youtube and any other similar websites. This classic problem will be handled easily by download manager such as Orbit Downloader and Internet Download Manager.

Third, the toolbar slowed down my Firefox. I checked the memory usage and it raised up to 20 percent from normal usage. Well, I don't know if it was only on my computer.

Overall, if you have high speed Internet connection, robust computer with sufficient memory and don't really care about any modifications on your Firefox, Freecorder can be a good alternative for you.


Software info

License : Free software
Size: 8.1 MB
OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000


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Anonymous said...

Good call on this software, thanks for taking the time to review it thoroughly. Helped me go to Wondershare instead.

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