May 30, 2012

Download videos Wondershare vDownloader

What is Wondershare vDownloader

Previously, I reviewed Freecorder, its weaknesses and superiority. And now, I'm going to review Wondershare vDownloader. This video download manager supports famous video streaming sites such as Youtube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Hulu and 100 other sites. So, when you install and download it, you can use this download manager to download videos from various websites.

It also supports Chrome, Firefox and IE (sorry, Opera users). I have tried to download videos both on Chrome and Firefox. What I need to do just hovered my mouse to top right corner of video that I watched. A download button appeared and I chose video quality of the video that I wanted to download and that's it. It was quite comfortable and easy to use.

The download process was handled by Wondershare and it was quite fast. I checked that it has resume, pause and start button like on download manager such as Orbit or Internet Download Manager. But, I haven't checked its ability to download a video with long duration. After the download process has over, I could play the video directly on this software.

So, I recommend this software. It is easy to use, no additional and unnecessary program installed, no changes to our homepage or search engine. Just install it and start to download any video you want.


Software info

License : Free software
Size: 14 MB
OS: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7


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Anonymous said...

Again, great review, great recorder, far better than realplayer and many others. Good find.

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