January 12, 2010

Opera 10.0 Beta


The Fastest Browser Today

File Size : 6, 57 MB
Type : Free Software
Download : Via Uploading.com
I think people already know about Opera Turbo, which is the new feature on Opera 10.00. This feature that claimed by Opera as the key to make it 10 X faster than another browser. And I have been trying it, and indeed Opera 10.00 with its Opera Turbo is more faster than another browsers.
I usually browsing in Internet Cafe, which when it crowded the connection be slower. And it frustrating me when I used my favorite browser such as Mozilla. It was not load the web and I had been waiting longer than usually. But, when I tried the Opera, and found out the Turbo feature, it was surprising me.
It was load the web faster than Mozilla and even IE. And I have been trying several time, it has been working consistently. Although, it’s not perfect. It comes with several weakness. For example, the quality of graphic elements from the web usually reduce when the Turbo’s feature is on. And maybe several web’s elements can’t load properly or not load at all.
So, not a surprise if you can watch video streaming properly and find out the web’s interface mess up. But, this case happen on the low Internet connection. The situation can be different if you are using high speed Internet connection. I can’t imagine if people are using Opera 10.00 on the high speed Internet connection.
So, what do you think ? Did you ever try this feature ? Please let me know what you’re thinking about the feature.

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