May 17, 2012

Free design software, ALNO AG Kitchen Planner

What is ALNO AG Kitchen Planner

ALNO AG Kitchen Planner is free 3D kitchen design software. Just as its name, it allows you to design your kitchen. The main concept of this software usage are drag and drop. You can simply put any objects you want in the provided space. You can set their sizes from 72 inch to 360 inch. You can also choose the wall and floor color. Add the door or any other elements using your mouse. Even though you can freely drag and drop any elements of kitchen design, this free kitchen design program can display all changes in high quality.

There is one problem that people complained about: measurement. It uses centimeter instead of feet and inches. So, for users who use feet and inches as their standard measurement may have difficulty in using ALNO AG Kitchen Planner.

Screen shot

Software specifications

License: Free software
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista


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