May 9, 2012

Google Docs adds new 450 fonts and 60 templates

One of Google products, Google Docs, which is an online word processing service has added new 450 fonts and 60 templates. How do they look like?

Google Docs is one of Google's online services. Besides Google Docs, another product, which is quite popular, Google Drive has been launched several times ago.

With Google Docs, you can process document whether text (Word), presentation (similar with Power Point) or spreadsheets (similar with Excel).

"In past few months, we have added some updates on Google Docs. And today, we announced one of big changes on Google Docs," Isabella, Google Docs Software Engineer wrote on Google Docs blog.

She continued that one of these big changes to support users' idea and creativity. Adding new 450 fonts and 60 templates, Google Docs will give something extra to them.

To use these new fonts, you just have to click "Font" menu (on Google Docs editing page) and choose Font Add on the bottom. Later, you will see various Google Web Fonts available on a new window that appears.
Then, you will see various interesting fonts like the ones you have on Microsoft Word such as Chau Philomene One, Averia Libre, Diplomata SC, Audiowide, Lovers Quarrel, and many more.

After you have decided which one you want, click the font and click OK to add those fonts to Google Docs editing page.

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